Trivial Escape from Minimalist Island

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April 20th, 2008 6:12 pm

Trivial Escape from Minimalist Island

Windows exe + source (compo version; if it crashes, get the post- compo zip below)

Windows exe + source (trivial post-compo fix edition, see below)

Timelapse video

Updated with a fix version above. The game would crash if run at a bit depth lower than 24bpp, use the fix version if it does! The fix also removes a comma from brygge-s.lua to fix a copy/paste bug that prevented turning around/right when looking away from the wharf, this isn’t required to beat the game or even much noticeable though.

Tools used: kate (text), gimp (graphics), sfxr (sound)

Libraries used: SDL, SDL_image (png), SDL_mixer (ogg vorbis), Lua

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2 Responses to “Trivial Escape from Minimalist Island”

  1. pansapiens says:

    Beautiful graphics. I finished it, but for a brief moment there I was wondering if it was really going to be trivial.

  2. HybridMind says:

    yeah- i _almost_ gave up too right before a big breakthrough 😉 No spoiler from me. Dug the style, nice job.

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