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Tiny Hawk final release

Posted by of Polygon Toys (twitter: @pekuja)
April 20th, 2008 2:40 pm

Tiny Hawk title screen

Tiny Hawk final release (194k)

Update: Tiny Hawk Windows executable (3.07M)

I think I’m done now. The game is six levels long, has sound effects and music, and is all sorts of awesome, naturally. ;-)

Have at it, but be gentle.

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9 Responses to “Tiny Hawk final release”

  1. Palad says:

    Great game! I even took your original level 1 and added on to it to make a new level 7. Txt file is here:

    For anybody new, just save the file level7.txt to your tinyhawk/data directory. Rename it if you already have another level7.txt, or it will overwrite it.

  2. [...] tiny hawk is the bee’s knees. it’s a happy little one-switch game where a single key – any key – is used to perform any of the miniature skater’s verbs, which are gleefully announced as kickflips, grinds and walljumps. since stages are stored in text format, it’s moddable too! [...]

  3. Palad says:

    Another level I made:
    This is level 8, same instructins as above.

    And by the way, I’m just a fan of the game, folks, so these are not official levels.

  4. pekuja says:

    Nice levels, Palad. :-)
    Level 7 was pretty tough, too. Took me a while to beat.
    By the way, depositfiles seems to be a bit of a pain to download files from. I didn’t even get through to the 60 second wait on my first few tries.

  5. Palad says:

    Thanks! I tried to make level 7 an exercise in long jumps, waiting until the last possible moment before taking off.
    I’ll try to find a better host for future levels, but depositfiles was the first one I could get to work through the firewall yesterday.

  6. KesieV says:

    FYI, it works under linux too (with python and pygame)

  7. If finding a site to host levels is a problem, since they are essentially text files one should be able to submit them in their entirety as comments to this blog post 8)

  8. Xenthar says:

    Very well made game! Maybe add difficulty levels, like if you play on “pro” level you go faster and jump further but can do harder levels?

  9. Pekuja says:

    It appears that depositfiles doesn’t have Palad’s levels anymore. I’m sorry to say I can’t seem to find them on my hard drive either, so if anyone has copies of those left, I’d really like to archive them somewhere.

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