Spacbattle is done-ish

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April 20th, 2008 5:06 pm

After 48 hours of hard work I present to you all:

SPACEBATTLE! (Least original name in the universe, I know…)

download (python sources) (requires python, pygame and numarray installed)

download (win32) (edit: now contains readme as it should)

The archive contains both source and a win32 exe (Which will hopefully work)

EDIT: The exe in the archive didn’t work. I’ve recompiled it and uploaded a separate win32 version. The fonts are slightly messed up in the win32 version compared with running from sources but it works.

if you have a better server and can host it for me, please tell me in the comments.

The player controls a group of ships that try to shoot down the opposing ships. The controll is done entierly with the mouse.

Both the graphics and control scheme can be concidered minimalistic I hope. At least that’s what I was going for. :)

Here are the final screenies:


Lots of ships shooting each other up.


The shop between levels where you buy new ships.


The intro sequence.

There is a readme file in the archive with info about controls and stuff.

The game was made with python + pygame (also requires numarray) and absolutely everything else was created from scratch.

Big thanks to:

  • Jach for helpingwith the win32 compile
  • DrPetter for sfxr
  • Jenny, my lovely GF for not going crazy with me. :)

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