Mondrian: final

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April 20th, 2008 6:25 am

Here’s my final submission of Mondrian.

The game is heavily inspired by the visual art of Piet Mondrian, and while he wasn’t strictly a Minimalist (apparently he was a Neo-Plasticist), his works look pretty minimal to me. It also has a minimal ambient soundtrack.

You can download it here [] (runs on Windows and Linux).

Read the README in the zip. Esstentially, you just click the mouse and press ‘r’ to restart a level.

Here’s the screenshot:

Mondrian by pansapiens

Don’t let it fool you … it looks (and sounds) much prettier when in motion.

There are ten levels. I think it can be completed, but the last few levels are hard (or impossible :P). It could do with some better levels … there is an in built level editor (using the commandline switch -e). Send me some better levels !

Tools used:

Python (2.5), Pygame (1.8), Rabbyt (0.8.1) (and it’s dependency, PyOpenGL)

Played with Pyglet but hacked that code out and didn’t use it in the end.

Gvim and Eric as IDEs, SVN and Trac for source control.

The GIMP for image editing, LMMS (using the BitInvader softsynth) for sound. Sounds trimmed using Rezound, encoded with oggenc. My Ensoniq Mirage was used as a controller keyboard (should have just sampled it).

All put together on Ubuntu Linux, Hardy Heron Beta with a flaky Pulseaudio server that wasted my time (should have never upgraded before the official release date :/ ). Windows version compiled with PyMike’s, on Windows XP running in a VirtualBox VM. Briefly tested on Vista.

Big thanks to my girlfriend for cooking all weekend.

Now it’s sleepytime.


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