(Mac only) demo and some more food

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April 20th, 2008 10:46 am

According to my To Do list, I’ve been late for the last four checkpoints, now lagging 44 minutes behind… panic panic panic! …actually I already ruled music out in favor of more levels. :(
If anyone wants to play a two-level demo version, it’s here. Instructions are given in the first level briefing, but of course there’s minimal need for them.
And for the record, here’s my breakfast and lunch:Breakfast on last day of Ludum Dare 11
Lunch on last day of Ludum Dare 11

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2 Responses to “(Mac only) demo and some more food”

  1. erik says:

    The game is pretty nifty so far.

  2. tm2383 says:

    I really enjoyed trying out your game :-) A great achievement for the time available. I never realised that Ruby would have the speed necessary for games programming.
    I notice that you programmed a lot of this game using Ruby and Gosu. At the minute, I have started to learn C++, but I’m only at the early stages. Is Ruby/Gosu easier to learn to the stage of writing a 2D game than C++/Gosu or C++/Allegro. Ruby would be good for me, as it has far better regex capabilities, but I went for C++, for speed. Feedback from anyone greatly appreciated!!



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