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April 20th, 2008 6:04 pm

Final screenshot!

Original source:

It’s a minimalistic space trading game, a la elite.

EXE, source, and data:

Press “F” to switch to fullscreen, it’s a much better game when you do this.  It’s kind of small and more confusing if you don’t.  Of course, if that doesn’t work, then you’ll be stuck playing it small.  Sorry for that.  Controls are pretty simple: left, up right; or a,w,d for turn left, accelerate, and turn right.  Z to shoot, X to dock, and tab to switch shops while docked.  Since there is no deccelerator, you will have to accelerate in the opposite direction.  Also, there is no friction in space, so if you accelerate too much it may become difficult to maneuver (plus you will waste fuel).  The idea is to accelerate towards your target till you hit some ideal speed, and then accelerate away from your target when you are closer.

Unfortunately, I worked on the basics right until the deadline, and didn’t have much time to balance the actual universe.  So many trade routes might stink, and it is probably a bit easy to die.  If you upgrade your health a lot at first, then you might survive longer.  I find it very fun, and hope you can too.  Enjoy!

By the way, I’ll definitely be working on this more, so if you have any ideas for improvements feel free to give me a comment.


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  1. HybridMind says:

    Awe, I love games like this! I’m impressed that you tackled so much for a game of this genre in 48hrs. Now this really makes me want to code one of these classic trader games for myself to tool around in. :)

    I’m still working on getting the controls down but I was messing around with this tonight and writing down some of the trade routes when I discovered that Planet X allows you to buy resource D for 50 and sell it right back for 100 ! 😉

    I will try to avoid using that exploit.. but I may boost my credits for a bit to beef up my health because I am getting slaughtered pretty quick until I get a hang of it. Anyway, just thought i’d give a shout out that I’m having fun playing your game winding down before bedtime. Take care!

  2. HybridMind says:

    I was also curious as to the meanings of the numbers next to your todo items in your todo.txt file? 45, 30, 15.. were those implemented and /or estimates of time involved? I find process interesting and I am merely curious. :)

  3. saluk says:

    Oops, I included the todo? 😉

    Yeah those were the estimated time those things would take. Actually Some things started at 60 and I shrank them down, not because I estimated them to take that long, but if they took longer than I would have to scrap and move on. I had about 5 hours to work on sunday and when I first added up my todo it said I needed 10 :) I had to cancel some things and skip fixing several less important bugs :(

    I actually made that list more than halfway through the contest, after wasting more time than I should have on the ai (although I guess it was worth it). I think things may have been a bit smoother if I had done more planning up front.

    Thanks for pointing out the exploit. I made the trade routes in 5 minutes in my last half hour. My method, which took me seconds to think up, was to first make every planet be good to buy something at, and then make every planet good to sell something at. I also made sure not to have a planet be both good to buy and sell. This makes each planet somewhat unique, while allowing some rather strange pricing. I did also try to always make the sell price less than the buy, but I guess I missed one!

    You’ll see in my todo that one of the features that didn’t make it was the random system. I don’t know how I thought I could do this in 15 minutes, but anyway. If I had done this than the algorithm would have prevented flaws in trading. This would have been the next feature I added, if I had had one more hour!

    My game’s main flaw is as you said, far too easy to get slaughtered!

    Thanks for playing.

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