Tiny skater skates on

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April 19th, 2008 3:53 pm

Tiny skater, bigger level

Here’s another screenshot. As you can see, I’ve colored the skater sprite. I hope that doesn’t detract too much from the minimalism. I’m thinking of making the graphics more colorful in other ways too. I think the minimalism of the gameplay is quite enough for me, as the game still works with just one button, which you use to jump, grind and wall jump. You jump by pressing a button, grinding and wall jumping happens automatically when you’re holding a button when hitting a rail or a wall. I was going to make it timing based, but I didn’t want to make it very hard. So far the game doesn’t really have any goals other than collecting all the red gems. I’m thinking of having an exit you need to reach within a time limit, with the gems giving you more time. Like in N and N+.

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