MinMo screen shot and win32 test file

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April 19th, 2008 9:05 am

Finally got a screen shot here along with a link if anyone on win32 wants to try my character test and let me know if my exe doesn’t work. Basically got my character tiles from last night all coded in and initially timed between states.

The current player character MinMo has two states. A ‘Min’ state where he is a little thin snake and a gelatinous block ‘Mo’ state where he can’t move but will probably be invincible. You are frozen as ‘Mo’ currently until the time is up where you then transform back to ‘Min’.

You use arrows to move left and right, space to transform, and ESC quits. Now for more game elements!

win32 exe available here

MinMo Screenshot Char Test

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3 Responses to “MinMo screen shot and win32 test file”

  1. MrPhil says:

    Works with no problems… looking good!

  2. thedaian says:

    Worked for me, too. Nifty.

  3. HybridMind says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Still working out kinks with rubyscript2exe so that is good to hear it is packaging up everything so far.

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