Final 1970 Cutlass Extreme

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February 24th, 2008 4:11 pm

Heh, so I still haven’t really found a point to the game, so for now you are a 1970 cutlass trying to collect cows before you get to the finish. If you hit a cat, you lose a cow, because hitting cats is bad! You can also launch off of ramps, which can either be good or bad, depending.

Download Linux/Source here –

Source Version

Download Windows py2exe here –

Windows Version

Final 1970 Cutlass Extreme 0.4

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5 Responses to “Final 1970 Cutlass Extreme”

  1. pymike says:

    Awesome! Not enough levels, but I guess time was an issue… Nice job! Gonna play again… 😉

  2. eugman says:

    That’d be awesome if the link worked….

  3. jolle says:

    Yeah, the Windows py2exe link says it’s unavailable :/

  4. Cthulhu32 says:

    Hey all, sorry I didn’t realize this thing had bad links. Damn you geocities! I just updated it with my main hosting website.

  5. Jinny says:

    Hi there,
    Everything dynamic and very positively! :)

    Thank you

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