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December 18th, 2007 12:52 pm

well, i shoulda wrote this the day after, but whatever.

 this was my first actual entry in a competition on the interwebs, ever. HAVE MERCY ON ME! actually i couldn’t really come up with anything decent that didn’t require a physics engine. i didn’t have one ready so i had to make do with what i had. which was nothing. not even kidding. i had jack squat.

actually one of the ideas that came to mind involved a spin on games like bust-a-move and snood and all those. it was a spaceship game where you had to get to the core of a circular space station by knocking off the hull. the hull would be made of different colored hexes or circles and you would shoot colored shots that would connect to it if it was the wrong color, or pop them all and possibly break off sections. i actually wanted to have an asteroid field of random collections of these blocks that you could tractorbeam and catapult at the station. you’d have a weapon you’d have to charge and blast the core with once you had an opening. hmm. that’s still a good idea. i didn’t need a physics engine for that. why didn’t i do that one?

anyways, i pretty much kicked back and took it easy for the entire one. had alot of family trouble keeping me from the project, too. wasn’t a pretty scene there.

 so yeah. i’m sure i could have put more effort into the game, but it was a pretty crappy idea and i knew there wasn’t any substance to it. i saw it as one of the Dud entries, just there to fill out the ranks and to get my name out there. also, it was a chance to get some funnies in. i think i aughta score ok for that. got some giggles out of the gf, it did.

wrapping up, i’d say there’s no way i’m gonna beat out some of the other entries. they were looking super good and i knew i didn’t have a chance in hell. i had a blast though! good luck everyone!

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