Basecamp Chain Reaction – binary version

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December 18th, 2007 12:14 am

Finally I built a binary of the game with py2exe. I had trouble with pyopengl since it used a .egg file. I dont know how it was fixed, but Samiljan supplied me with a modified source code file for pyopengl and it works now. A few words to py2exe authors: include .egg support.

I was tempted to add game pad support, add sound and tweak the game play more. I dont think thats fair though =p

– binary executable for windows
download – multi-platform source and art files

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  1. Orangy Tang says:

    Looks nice, but very very hard to control. Needs a bit more power on the thrusters so you can get out of trouble easier I think. Couldn’t figure out how to chain boxes together though – pressing space a second time just dropped the first one.

    Minor nitpick – it’d be nice if the link was flexible and moved like a rope, but thats probably hoping for too much from 48 hours.

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