Towers of Skye “tech demo”

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December 16th, 2007 7:36 pm

Well, I ran out of time. =) This is not even the gameplay that I intended and it is not playable (unless you like to lose). I spent too much bloody time on collisions and missile trajectories, etc.. The “daleks” that you see in the screenshot were going to be gun turrets which you use to shoot down incoming missiles. If enough missiles hit the ground, the ground is destroyed and your tower plummets. I had other buildings and a point to the whole thing, but those were plans that had to be thrown out. 😉 I think with another hour to two hours, this could actually be playable, though not polished. My greatest regret is that I did not get a chance to rotate the missiles so that they point in their direction of travel.

Final pic

Here is the zip. Download and run at your own boredom.

python source (64K) Needs pygame and pyopengl.

Edit: Uploaded new version with a .bat file that uses CRLF terminators.

Edit 2: Uploaded a non-zero length archive (for ‘archival’ purposes now that judging and whatnot is over). Not really sure how that happened in the first place.

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2 Responses to “Towers of Skye “tech demo””

  1. saluk says:

    The batch file has the wrong line end for windows, so doesn’t do anything. Also the paths seemed not to work right. I got the game to run by moving the data into the source directory and running, after adding these two lines to the top:

    import sys

    Of course, since the game is so unfinished, this is somewhat moot. Good effort though! It’s a good foundation with lots of room to grow 😉

  2. Archwyrm says:

    Yeah, that batch script was just thrown in there as an afterthought, hoping it would work correctly right off the bat even though I haven’t written a batch script in about 8 years. 😉

    I have updated the script in there, but I don’t have anywhere to test it, so I am just assuming that it works. Worst case scenario, just run python src/ in a command window. The file src/ does the importing that you mention and the paths are correct if you run from the game’s root.

    Lastly, thanks for taking a look despite a bit of trouble! :)

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