Shrapnel: Final entry

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December 16th, 2007 7:00 pm



Downloads (both have windows exe + source code and Linux makefile):

Uses SDL, SDL_mixer and SDL_image. I used kate for code/text, gimp for graphics, sfxr for sound effects (thanks DrPetter!), and pxtone to make music.

If the Linux version crashes when you run it on 32-bit x86, use this SDL library (contains a fix for a bug in SDL_SoftStretch)

Edit: Figured out the Windows sound latency issue! Seems the SDL.dll I used was buggy. Replacing it with one from fixes things.

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2 Responses to “Shrapnel: Final entry”

  1. Samiljan says:

    Too short :P, I beat it in like 30 seconds…
    But really fun while it lasts! Good feeling.
    Shouldn’t the shooting sound be synched to when you shoot?

  2. mjau says:

    Thanks =). Yeah, I know it’s way too short and easy, I ran out of time to make levels so I just slapped something together at the last minute =P

    About the sound, it should, but it seems there’s some sound lag in the Windows port. Perhaps it’s because I accidentally built it with debug info and no optimization =P

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