Ramuh-Shmoo Final

Posted by (twitter: @S0phieH)
December 16th, 2007 2:13 pm

Ok, so here is my first ever ludum dare game, finished with time to spare!

I realise that the connection to the theme doesent hit all the way, I definately have chaining in there but not quite as many reactions, but hopefully you will find it fun.

Game Stats:
Genre: Puzzle/Platform Adventure
Runs On: Windows (let me know if you want it on mac, I might be able to do it ^_^ )
Tools Used: Flash CS3 Pro, Photoshop CS3 extd, Fireworks CS3, DrPretter’s sfxr and musagi
Trivia: my first ever ‘music’ so I made sure to include the option to turn it off.
More Trivia: The Evil Fairy Ninja is real, be afraid ne-er do wells!

umm, I think thats about it, enjoy playing :)

edit: oh ya, better post a link to the game huh =p http://www.sophiehoulden.com/randomstuff/ludum/RamuhShmoo.zip
edit 2: aaand, the source


2 Responses to “Ramuh-Shmoo Final”

  1. saluk says:

    Very fun, except for the collision detection of the wires. I kept wanting to connect from the broken wire on top to the broken wire on the bottom, rather than from the top plate to the bottom plate. But after I figured it out it was better :)

  2. yadu says:

    hehehe.. that was fun to play through.. ^^

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