Pillar, in 48, in wasn’t meant to be

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December 16th, 2007 6:28 pm

I’m not sure if I grossly overestimated my available time, or just wanted to do it right, but I’m certainly not going to be done by the deadline. I knew this a couple hours ago, and decided to work on things that will help me after the compo ends.

I’ve been taking all kinds of notes, and doodling many pictures. I could have probably got the mechanics working correctly by the deadline (with a keyboard based control scheme), but I wasn’t going to have time to build a level. Man, a general purpose level editor would have been sooooo nice. ;D

So instead, I’ve continued on the game as if I entered a compo that ends monday or tuesday. :)

Rather than going out posting nothing, I decided to whip up a mockup, to see if my thoughts on paper would work. So in closing, here’s the mockup image.

Pillar Mockup
The idea of the game is you control this block mass. You (automatically) walk towards other blocks and add them to your mass. You don’t jump, but can pivot yourself at any block in your body (similar to a Tetris block rotation).

Legs sprout on the lower parts of your body to give you momentum (purely visual). The face goes on whatever side the of direction you are facing. The art look I wanted was one where everything was very rigid, made of rectangles. The mockup demonstrates that well enough. I wanted trees and little bushes in the mockup as well, but I wanted the collision to be a little more obvious in this mockup.

So that’s what I was/am working on. Hopefully I can put another day or two on it, and get it somewhat playable (I have my doubts I’ll get legs working, so it’ll just hover). I’ll post it as a “post compo” game if I do.

Thanks everybody for a great compo. See y’all again in April. :)


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