Ms Green’s lovely day – final

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December 16th, 2007 1:48 pm

Ms green’s lovely day, that’s the name of the game.

The idea behind the game is that laugh is infectious and causes chain reactions. The aim of the game is to get the green lady somewhere in the level to laugh. You can make her laugh by touching her with some other laughing thing. You start by placing some of your units from the right of the screen (select by clicking, place by left click, remove by right click) and trying to make chains of laughter. By pressing the start button, you can see how your chain goes in action. The laughter chain always starts with the gray grinning thing (that looks more like an oven or something), so the first thing you place must touch that to get your chain started.

The game was coded with python and the sources are
included in the package too.

Graphics were drawn with GIMP and sound effects were done with DrPetters sfxr tool (great little thing!) and the laughters were done in Audacity. There is no music, that’s the only thing I would’ve liked to do too, but don’t have the energy.

So that’s it, go play and learn by playing. The entry is by no means perfect and is very unfinished in many ways, but I feel this is the best I could do in this time. So have fun!

And here it is, I hope it works!

Edit: added a screenshot for the image grid.

Ms Green’s lovely day - final - screenshot


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  1. saluk says:

    Very fun and funny :) Puzzles get pretty challenging, I like it.

  2. PoV says:

    If you could you upload an image to the site and add it to your post, that’d be fantastic. They don’t show up in the image grid on the final entries page if you don’t. Thanks.

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