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    Mr. Splode (Final)

    Posted by
    December 16th, 2007 8:32 pm

    Mr. Splode and the Fireworks Factory:

    download with dlls



    13 Responses to “Mr. Splode (Final)”

    1. Wiering says:

      Could you add the dll files to the zip?

    2. lexaloffle says:

      oops.. yes. Coming right up.

    3. lexaloffle says:

      There you go.

    4. nostgard says:

      archive doesn’t seem to be working for me. :( anyone else able to open it?

    5. Wiering says:

      Thanks, but there seems to be a problem with the new zip file (invalid according to Vista).

    6. lexaloffle says:

      Arg. ok — it’s fixed now.

    7. Xenthar says:

      great game! plz expand on it!

    8. kendall says:

      It doesn’t work on a Mac!

    9. vicious says:

      lexaloffle, change
      char *fn = “s?.wav”
      char fn[] = “s?.wav”
      the first is a pointer to a constant, the second will copy the constant to the char array. Making this change I managed to compile it on Debian (gcc -Os -lSDL -lSDL_mixer -I /usr/include/SDL – the first two “l” are Ls and the second “I” is an i. stupid font.), but I still haven’t managed to get the sound to work.

      • vicious says:

        Dang, forgot that I had to comment out the following piece of code in order to compile it:

        char *sdl_error_dummy = “wtf?”;

        char *SDL_GetError()


        return sdl_error_dummy;


    10. Papachabre says:

      Awesome but a bit short. Maybe players will figure out how to make their own levels and we’ll see some player packs emerge…

    11. [...] go and download it, play it for all of thirty seconds, be thankful it’s expunged another 30 seconds of your [...]

    12. Kana says:

      ^^ The game is fun but I would have liked a save function. I keep dying on level 3 (XD) and have to keep starting over.

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