Looks familiar?

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December 16th, 2007 11:58 am

It’s Q*bert!

…not really though, but you can sort of modify the landscape by raising or lowering tiles, and the rest adapts to remove any greater-than-two differences between neighbors (basically a hack to avoid situations my draw sort can’t handle :P)

I’m trying really hard to think of a way to use this for gameplay, but it looks like I might be drawing a blank. There’s another mechanic in there as well though, the chain reaction one, but it’s sort of shaky too.  It would be nice if I could at least come up with some pathetic game-ish behavior for all of it before I start digging my nose into gfx and music… but maybe it is not to be. I should probably start tinkering with gfx for now and see if something comes to mind.


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