First really playable version

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December 16th, 2007 9:42 am

Finished with my very simple system for advancing levels, spawning waves and stuff.. So you can actually play it now, although it still looks crappy and there aren’t many levels and you can’t be killed yet, just lose by failing to kill enough of the horrible block enemies.

From the looks of the other entries I’m definetly in the lower end as far as fancy graphics go, but I hope I can make some fun enemies and levels to counter it. Over all the game needs som tuning at the moment, especially the bombs…

First playable version

Also, for those brave enough to try there’s a test-version here:

It’s written in pygame with pyopengl for drawing. It will try to import and enable psycho to speed things up, hopefully it won’t crash if psycho is missing :)

You play with the arrow-keys, spacebar and left control. Move with arrows, shoot bombs with space, detonate them with left control.

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