Final submission: PewPewLazor

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December 16th, 2007 1:59 pm


I’m calling this done. I’m not happy with it at all but at least it’s playable.

My code and Python just wasn’t fast enough for what I wanted to do, I really think I could have made it a bit more fun had I gone with C++ instead.. More bombs.. more enemies.. But then again, being the slow coder that I am, I might not have finished if I did it in C++ ;>

Here’s the final file: Pew Pew Lazor
Here’s a version built with py2exe: Pew Pew Lazor py2exe
Here’s a version built with pyinstaller (not actually an installer though):
Pew Pew Lazor pyInstaller


And a screenshot to go with it:



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  1. saluk says:

    I couldn’t get this to run, had problems with pyopengl. They really dropped the ball when they went to pyopengl 3. I managed to get it working with pyopengl2 which I found an installer from here :
    I think version 2 is faster than 3 as well.
    I still had to download the glut.dll myself, as for some reason it couldn’t find it.

    The game is pretty fun, but also kind of hard.

  2. Papper says:

    Ah I should have mentioned that, it uses pyopengl 2, not 3!

    Thanks for pointing that out, however I don’t really see how that could break it since I only use very simple calls to opengl.. Oh well :)

    Yeah the game is pretty hard, it could probably have been more fun with some longer intervals between the “waves”, but its too late to tune it now I think :)

    Updated the game… 2 more levels, a bit easier.. And scrolling text!!

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