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December 15th, 2007 1:58 pm

It’s been another 4 hours almost, and not much has happened as it seems. I’ve wrestled a bit with drawing order for mobile objects in the isometric world, and I think I’ve got something usable now. It’s not as good as I’d like it, but good enough to move on. I might get back to it later. The main problem is probably that I handle map tiles and sprites similarly, despite map tiles having a clear 3D shape that allows more accurate Z ordering. Maybe I’m just stuck in a stupid line of thought here. My approach is to treat objects as billboards and apply a shaky offset thing to make moving objects from poking through the floor, but maybe I could do it in more of a cube/square fashion, using the isometric coordinate system instead of screen coords… I’ll give that some thought tonight, for now things at least look ok in most occurring cases.

Time to eat some and start putting in a bit of gameplay code. Ideal scenario would be to have the majority of code done tonight so I can focus on media and polish tomorrow (oh, and studying for my exam… but that’s a bonus for if I get some extra time left over ;))


There be more organized map elements and a placeholder player sprite with shadow. Topmost blue tile is broken, need to figure out why…. oh right, just struck me – I iterate from 1 and up in the drawing loop instead of starting at zero 😛

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