End of day 1 for me.

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December 15th, 2007 12:47 pm

Well, I just spend 14 hours semi-straight programming. It’s been a great refreshment after slacking off playing MMORPGs for all that time. I made some unbelievably newbie mistakes, for example my 1GB memory leak because I forgot to initialize an integer. Go me!  I was initially dissappointed in the selected theme, I was hoping for Time Travel. But I quickly worked out an idea, and I set off to flesh it out pretty quickly.

I made some great progress on the game. I actually have it somewhat playable now, although I really have to add 2 more objects to the menu to finish it up. Then I have to add limits to make it actually challenging. Finally I will have to create more levels, because one level in a puzzle game aint really a puzzle if you know what I mean.

My code is a hacked up pile of text now though, maybe I can clean it up some tomorrow. Although I doubt I will, because I’ll probably end up adding more features to the game to make it more interesting. I got some neat ideas still.

Man, I’m so wasted. x)

– Deepflame

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