Day 1 – it’s over!

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December 15th, 2007 5:19 pm

Yeps. Will try to get a bit of sleep now (a little bit, not too much!), before going at it again tomorrow. I’ve managed to put in a number of things for one day and I guess I should be pleased. Haven’t spent my time very efficiently but I never do. Done maybe 6 hours of work in total so far.

So what I have to work with for tomorrow is this little placeholder guy able to walk 8-directionally and jump/fall on an isometric map. All that’s left of the groundwork is to size the level up, make it scroll and put in some animation code. Then we proceed to game stuff and graphics/audio.

Preparing for the compo I intended to focus primarily on the gameplay and objectives this time around, before doing anything too technical or diving into graphics. So far… no. Will have to keep reminding myself tomorrow that priority #1 is to get it playable and fun if possible. But then again… if it’s still crap when I only have 5-6 hours left I’ll probably leave it like that and make some snazzy gfx anyway, ’cause pretty crap beats crappy crap!


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