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December 14th, 2007 11:54 pm

Because we’re going mining! Or rather, we were, until we discovered that we didn’t yet connect our detonation cord to the bomb. And rubble fell down in our way. And there’s gas clouds. And.. Where’s my coffee?

Ok, so, the theme is Chain Reaction and my idea involves blowing stuff up. Everyone likes blowing stuff up. Right? RIGHT?! Since the competition is now about 5 hours in and I got a bit of work done, it’s time to spam this place up. With pictures.

During the first 2 hours I worked on the level loader and world tileset. Right now it looks fancy colours because I need that to make sure what tile is which tile in the tile set. The result became something like:


Another two hours worth of coding and drawing later, and I had The Bomb™ and the detonator, as well as gas clouds. And I created level 2. Which looks roughly like this:


Then I implemented the chain reaction part, and my game is looking like it might become a game sometime. (There’s moving things on my screen!) This took me about an hour to do, but there’s a bug somewhere in my massive list of pointers. (Note to self: Hardcoding a recursive tree for testing purposes is not good on the brain. Really.) I’d upload a video but it’s not that awesome. 😛

During the next hours I will be adding the pictures of the combustibles themselves, allowing the user to select and place combustibles and add this to the chain. Then I gotta work out some other things such as how the gas clouds try and make a break for it to get to the exit. And explode when they intersect a fire. Stuff like that.

– Deepflame

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