Teeny Tiny Ninja

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November 28th, 2007 7:59 pm

I was quite pleased with how this one worked out, The game only has three levels and I was quite worried that the last level might be impossible. As time was running out on the clock I was trying to figure out if it could be done, I finally got a single ninja home and went “that’s it! ship it!”.

playing post compo I actually managed to figure out how to get all of the ninja home on that level by using a few tricks.

Teeny Tiny Ninja

I also liked the look of Teeny Tiny Ninja. I got the stars idea from a previous Bluescrn entry. Adding a bunch of stars does indeed liven up the look of things. Also The ninja home came out surprisingly well for programmer art. I thought the sound worked well too, but the scores the game got suggested I was in the minority. when a ninja goes ‘Hut!’ every time he jumps it’s cool, but people found it less so when there were a couple of hundred Ninja doing it, serves themselves right for picking swarms as the theme I say.

The game used a homebrew physics engine made during the 48 hours. this worked quite nicely, Ninja were all implemented as tiny triangles

Ninja Triangles

See. There was no Line to object collision detection so it was possible for Ninja to get stuck on corners by impailing themselves on a point and having their triangle points go either side. There were alsdo a few other little quirks that caused th ninja to get stuck. The solution worked brilliantly. I checked to see if a ninja hadn’t moved for a while and if so just added a huge random vector to its movement. A lot of people took this to be an intentional behaviour because it looked very ninja like. sometimes a ninja would jump to a wall or point and stick there for a bit then jump away again.

Once again the controls were a bit unintuitive. But I thought the use of a mousewheel worked well.

Download the game

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2 Responses to “Teeny Tiny Ninja”

  1. drZool says:

    Could you explain the tricks you used to complete the last level with all ninjas?

  2. Lerc says:

    The trick that was the key to getting the last one home was getting him out of the bottom by making him jump and land at just the right point where you’d have him stand still. then Drag the pyramid influencer down until the ninja appear out of the very top of the circle. He’ll get a slightly higher than normal jump which can get him out of the bottom area.

    Dragging the pyramid influencers around also lets you build stacks of single ninja at fairly steep angles. you move the circle arojund to release any surplus and get them to jump on top.

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