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Posted by (twitter: @mikekasprzak)
10 days ago | February 20th, 2015 11:37 am

Mini LD #57 — Reversed

Posted by (twitter: @DietrichEpp)
15 days ago | February 15th, 2015 2:58 pm

!esreveR – 75# DL iniM

Your goal is to make a game which is somehow REVERSED.

As a bonus, please write your post-mortem first, before you start making your game. Tell us what went wrong and what went right… then go make your game!


Q: Can I…

A: Yes.


You have the week from Friday, February 20 to Friday, February 27. Submissions will close on the 28th, and I will record gameplay videos for as many games as I can manage.

Bonus theme

The bonus theme is Chinese Zodiac… happy year of the Goat!

MiniLD#57 TimeLapse Part2! :D

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3 hours ago | March 3rd, 2015 5:58 am

Yo Wat’up Guys! :D

Here’s the second part of my timelapse series :D this video covers me, setting up Unity and my assets for the programming to come :)


Feel free to leave your comment, like if you like, dislike if you don’t, and subscribe for more! :D


Time runner

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1 day ago | March 2nd, 2015 3:27 am


This is the game I made for mini-ludumdare 57


Trapped in a time loop you’re determined to find an exit.
Walk around to collect time fragments and place bombs to make ways through the walls. Make sure no one sees you.


Ludumdare submition:


– Arrow or WASD keys to walk around.
– Space-bar to place bombs


You can turn sound and music on or off when you’re in the game. they are small buttons in the bottom left corner.

System requirements:

-The ability to run a 1280×720 windowed screen.


– Tons of animations
– Music
– Epic sounds
– Voice!
– Randomly generated levels
– Time travel
– Super fast turn based game play

Gameplay video:

Mini LD #57 Compilation Video Series + Article

Posted by (twitter: @Jupiter_Hadley)
1 day ago | March 1st, 2015 10:52 pm

I played all of the Mini LD #57 games as well as wrote an article on my favorites. Feel free to check it out! :)

Inkanians Released!

Posted by (twitter: @DavitMasia)
1 day ago | March 1st, 2015 10:16 am

The game is finished and released with a total of 60 levels in the full version and 15 levels for the demo. Actually the platforms released are Windows and Mac.

Now working on the full version for the Flash and OUYA. Linux version when somedoby send me a wrapped using Wine and thinking if finally port to Android/iOS mobile/tablets.

You can buy the game at itchio by only 2.99.

Here a Youtube video with the first 15 levels included in the demo.

If you can see all the Inkanians process from the mockup until the game release you only have to visit this: .

And no more, only if you liked, you know, share the game, reblog, RT,etc :D

P.D. If you want to review the game or you are a Youtuber and need a review copy send me a request via email(in the homepage), or use any social link to contact me:


MiniLD57 Timelapse :D

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2 days ago | March 1st, 2015 12:41 am

Just a thought, what if we were asked to make a timelapse before making the game itself? since, the theme is reversed? O.o haha


Anyways, I just want to share the first part of my timelapse series in making the Adventures of Esrever Wild, my entry to the miniLD 57 :D

It’s been fun and challenging, this miniLD, and I want to know what you guys think :D



feel free to comment, like, and subscribe for more :D

City Debuilder – post-mortem

Posted by (twitter: @SquidlyGames)
2 days ago | February 28th, 2015 8:02 pm

This was my first time making a game with such short notice, only getting to the jam late due to a packed work week. Here it is if you want to see it


The crunch for time effected the game in a few ways, mostly the tutorials – which I think harmed the impact of the game overall.

Were I to go back and do it all again, there are three things I think I would do differently.

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MiniLD 57 Concept Art

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2 days ago | February 28th, 2015 12:46 pm

I got all my base code ready to start on MiniLD 57, here’s some concept art:


Don’t know what it will be called yet, but it should be fun to make!

What exactly is a game?

Posted by (twitter: @strong99)
3 days ago | February 28th, 2015 7:00 am

We all know games, everyone plays games, but do we really know what defines a game? Before we can create a good game we need some sort of definition of it. So what is it? Sure, everything with rules can be defined as a sort of game. But let’s define it a bit better than that. So let’s try!

What would be the most simplistic game you can think of? The first game that comes to my mind is the child’s game “Tagging”. It has two very basic rules: One player is “it” and if you’re being tagged by “it”, you become it. Remembering my years on the primary school’s playground the game had different additional rules all the time. An often used additional rule was “You can’t tag the old “it” back”. Although these were set by us, additional constants where there too. For example the teachers didn’t allow you to leave the playground or trip others. Not a rule set by us, the players, but by our superiors.

The summary of the game? There’s conflict, no-one wants to be “it”. It would be boring if someone wanted to be “it” because of the lack of conflict. The rules define boundaries in the game. The outcome of the game was clear too, the child being “it” at the moment of the school bell lost the game. Katie Salen, a veteran game developer, her description of a game comes to my mind:

“A game is a system in which players engage in an artificial conflict, defined by rules, that result in a quantifiable outcome” (Katie Salen, Game Design Fundamentals, page 80)

If I apply this logic to one of my previous Ludum Dare games, for example, “You only get one” we could describe it like this:

Conflict: the player wants to get home without being eaten while the dragon keeps advancing.

Rules: the player is constraint in a 2D world, there’s gravity, the game is lost when touching the dragon, his fire or falling out of the screen.

Outcome: the player wins when he enters his house (time constraint).

Ludum Dare 28 - The dragon's journey

That is quite clear, but how does this apply to popular games like Minecraft? Is it a real game? Let’s try:

Conflict: the player needs to stay alive (retain its hearts)

Rules: the player loses hearts when hungry, the player receives damage from mobs, the game is lost when its hearts are depleted, the player can eat food, can create weapons and armor etc.

Outcome: is there any? What about defeating the ender dragon?

Is the ender dragon really a quantifiable outcome? After defeating the dragon the conflict itself remains, nothing is resolved. The main conflict centers around staying alive, not on the dragon roaming a different realm. Thus, I wouldn’t describe it as an outcome or a game, but more of a sandbox or toy. Though open world games like Oblivion feature some kind of the same freedom as Minecraft, in the end you resolve the main conflict, defeat the bad guy and establishes peace. That’s a clear quantifiable outcome with rules and conflicts.

This is my first of a series of blogs on “What makes a good game”.

What’s your take on the definition? Does it fit mine?

Recorded a video for my MLD game

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3 days ago | February 28th, 2015 5:27 am

So, um this is a short gameplay video I made of my game. I am still working on it, and will be posting more videos later on. For now you can download it at

The game looks quite jumpy in the video, but it is quite smooth in real life.

My creation for MiniLD #57

Posted by (twitter: @dexafreeHTC)
3 days ago | February 27th, 2015 10:42 pm


This is my first LD (well, it is actually a Mini LD), and after being told about this by a friend (who also challenged me to make a creation), I only knew three things:

1. You have to make a game within a week

2. The topic is “REVERSED”

3. The only rule is “Can I? YES”

After taking a look to some other creations, I think that the topic was meant to be understood as “reversed in time”. Well, my game is made by a different approach.

It is a simple platform&puzzle game, but with a new mechanic that came to me while thinking how should I understand the “Reversed” topic: You can only go to the right, but you can use mirrors, which will REVERSE [almost] all the world.

There are only a few levels, but it’s as long as I have been able to create within this time.





Your nameis Modnar. You are the only member alive of an ancient secret order, called Redro Terces, who are known by their interest on mirrors magical properties. After arriving to a castle, you finally found the book you were looking for.

You tried some spells, and suddenly you realize that something went wrong.

“Let’s get out of here”, you think.


  • Move Right: Right arrow
  • Move Left: YOU CAN’T
  • Jump: Up arrow
  • Use mirror: Space
  • Restart level: R


As it’s written in Java, you will need the JRE installed. If Chrome detects it as a potentially harmful file, feel free to dismiss it. However, I ensure it does not contain malware in any form (in addition, I will Open Source it in a few days).


As I see, you have to write a Post Mortem, so there I go (sorry for not having read the recommendation of writing it before creating the game):


I have learned a lot while developing this.

It is made in Java, using Slick2D library, which 8 days ago I only knew for its name, I had never used it before. In its initial state, the game was only made with green, red and yellow rectangles, and when all the mechanics were done, I spent some time designing a few levels, and had to rush a lot in order to add some graphics (I had help with this).

After having the graphics done, I spent an hour trying to add some plot to it, so at least it would make the user feel a little interested about what is going on.


Bugs & Problems while creating it

The first one I had to face was that I had no idea about how to use Slick2D. Thanks to youtube, heaven StackOverflow and some examples I started figuring out how to do certain basic things, such as making the player able jump.

Then some software design issues came, such as if anidations, design patterns… and finally, exporting the jar was such an adventure, but I finally got it!

Well, at least I ended up with a decently looking game, which I consider my first finished graphic game ever.


– Depth: Character, Mirror and Door design

– JRoig24: Graphic design (wall tiles)

– Raindrinker: Challenging me to do this


Thanks for reading and trying!

I’m in

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3 days ago | February 27th, 2015 10:42 pm

First time doing a Ludum Dare and first time actually getting close to finishing a a game, its been an interesting experience.

!!!ni m’I

Posted by (twitter: @KayZGames)
3 days ago | February 27th, 2015 4:45 pm

Great theme for this Mini LD! I think I’ll just reverse my development process and start by doing graphics and sound and do the programming and add some gameplay at the end. I hope time is on my side.

I’ll use my usual tools (Dart, etc.) but I’ll use WebGL for the first time in a Jam. I started learning WebGL about a month ago, so I hope it’ll work out. But I’ll still do something 2D.

You’ll probably be able to play my super awesome game here.

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