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MiniLD #69: Colonization!

Posted by (twitter: @m_kaype)
17 days ago | July 10th, 2016 11:00 am

Welcome to MiniLD #69!
The theme is…


July 10th – August 1st

Taken from Wikipedia:

Colonization (or colonisation) is an ongoing process of by which a central system of power dominates the surrounding land and its components (people). The term is derived from the Latin word colere, which means “to inhabit”.

What are the rules?

  • You may interpret the theme however you wish.
  • You can use whatever tools you want.
  • Teams are allowed, but not required.
  • If you choose to use open assets, please state so in your game’s description.
  • Submissions close on August 2nd.
  • Have fun!

What is MiniLD?

MiniLD is basically a laid back version of Ludum Dare. MiniLDs are hosted by LD community members, and they’re a great way to experiment with new engines, libraries, langs, etc.

– Kay

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Theme suggestions are now open!

Posted by (twitter: @martijnfrazer)
25 days ago | July 2nd, 2016 9:30 am

Ludum Dare #36 is scheduled for the last weekend of August. That means we have about 8 weeks to go, so it’s time to start deciding on a theme!

Important note: The contest is being hosted here as usual! Both theme selection and submissions will be handled here, as has been done for all previous Ludum Dares.

Theme suggestions

If you have suggestions for a theme we could use, please share them with us using the form below. You can submit as many themes as you like, the more the better!

LD36 theme suggestions form


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Abyssal Zone released on

Posted by (twitter: @ledgamedev)
8 hours ago | July 27th, 2016 5:17 pm

terces eht dnif
Hello everyone!

I’d like to let you know that Abyssal Zone, a game i made for LD34, is now on for free!

Get it here ->


Exodemon (aka Devil’s Hand) on Steam Greelight!

Posted by (twitter: @kuupudev)
12 hours ago | July 27th, 2016 1:23 pm

Hey people, the game I made on the last LudumDare (35) is now on steam greenlight!

Ludum Dare and it’s community is one of the main reasons this is happening!

Thanks everyone!

Prease click on the image below and vote yes! ūüėÄ

Towards a new kind of level editor – part 2: The Return of Jafar

Posted by
21 hours ago | July 27th, 2016 3:49 am

A¬†quick¬†follow-up post¬†to¬†my LD33 reincarnation. Y’all might like¬†to know there’s a¬†playable build out now, demonstrating a simplified but functional live editor – go play it on the Love2D forums, or take a peek at¬†my gameplay video.

Where is the warmup option?

Posted by
1 day ago | July 26th, 2016 4:37 pm

Im new to ludum dare and was wondering if any of you could tell me about the warmup option in the comments…


where is it?

what is it?

how do I do a warmup game?

I’m In!

Posted by
1 day ago | July 26th, 2016 12:06 pm

I believe this is how you register and I am really excited for this ludum dare. I’m like a child on Christmas Morning!

I’m in!!

Posted by
1 day ago | July 26th, 2016 6:03 am

I think this is what you have to do to register hahaha

I’m in

Posted by
1 day ago | July 26th, 2016 6:03 am

Normalbaked: Art for Unity3D

1 day ago | July 26th, 2016 6:03 am

Hey! Check out Normalbaked for game-ready assets by professional artists and designers.

Available on the Unity3D Asset Store!

Need other services? [email protected]

Free Assets:
Low-Poly Nature Pack
Bowling: Kegel & Ball
Voxel Town Pack
Tube’s Bundle


Official site

LD#36 – Real World Gathering in Tours

Posted by
1 day ago | July 26th, 2016 5:19 am

Visiting the Chateaux de la Loire ? Meh…

Do something actually fun : Real World Gathering in Tours

Pixel Perfect by ElefantCat, 2016

You are living or travelling in France ? So join us at our Real World Gathering in Tours !

Drop your computer in a former industrial building, lay your sleeping bag among thriving start-ups, get inspired by the odd chirps of our fablab, and drink a lot of coffee ( a lot !). But be warned : the place is still under heavy construction, same as your games !

We would¬† be thrilled to welcome travellers ! But there are only 30 seats available, so don’t forget to register, read more here, or comment.

Follow us at #LDTours37.
Also as bonus, here is a 360¬į visit of the place ūüėČ

Some things to think about

Posted by (twitter: @ddrkirbyisq)
2 days ago | July 25th, 2016 5:31 am

Hi there! ¬†My name is DDRKirby(ISQ) — I’ve been participating in Ludum Dare enthusiastically for the past 5 years, having submitted 12 games to both the compo and jam events. ¬†6 of these entries have placed in the top 10 overall (not just trying to boast — this will be relevant in a later part of this post).

As many of you know already, there has been a bit of a situation regarding the upcoming August LD event. ¬†A poll was made, with the end result being the planning of an August LD event on the current LD website without using LD’s categorical 5-star¬†rating system. ¬†As you might expect, this also triggered some community backlash.

I am not affiliated with Ludum Dare officially and am in no position to make demands on how the August LD event should or should not be run.  However, I wanted to provide a personal viewpoint on some of these issues.

My goal in writing this post is two-fold:

  1. To highlight some of the major¬†disadvantages and problems with¬†LD’s rating system.
  2. To offer some suggestions for how we can best help the no-ratings August LD event to succeed.

Please note that I am NOT attempting to convince anyone that Ludum Dare should not have a rating system. ¬†I think that most people understand that having a scoring system can be extremely useful and valuable. ¬†However, I think it’s important that everyone also understand the potential issues and problems involved with the current rating system and why many of us would prefer to have an August LD without it. ¬†Let’s get right into it:


Winning Ludum Dare is a Big Deal

One of the things I really like about Ludum Dare is the fact that there are no monetary prizes. ¬†As the rules page puts it, “Your prize is your product.” (and to a lesser extent, the feedback that you receive on your game as well) ¬†This is supposed to¬†help foster¬†a low pressure, non-competitive environment where people can simply focus on making cool games, which is great!

However, one thing I’d like to make clear is that winning Ludum Dare is a Big Deal. ¬†Being highlighted as one of the winners, especially in the Overall category, guarantees¬†you and your game a TON of exposure, not only to¬†fellow Ludum Dare entrants, but also by gaming portals, indie game sites, YouTube videos, twitch streams, and more.

When Ripple Runner won 2nd place overall in LD29, I got a huge spike in followers and network traffic.  Not only did several gaming news sites feature it in articles, but web portals started outright STEALING my swf file and hosting it themselves to profit via ad revenue.*  A Korean stream video of my game later went viral, hitting over 80,000 views.

I sell my game soundtracks on my bandcamp site.  Despite having a minimum price of $0, sales from the Ripple Runner soundtrack earned me $200 in profit after LD results were announced because of the wide attention garnered from my 2nd place ranking and would go on to earn me over $350 in total in the following months.

In other words, placing 2nd in¬†Ludum Dare had MONETARY implications for me, almost as if I had received a $200 cash prize — and this is for a pay-what-you-want album! ¬†I can only imagine¬†that things would have been even bigger if I had come in 1st place, or if I had charged $5 minimum per album sale.

I would love it if Ludum Dare were not about winning and losing, but the fact is that the benefits gained from placing highly are very real and from this point on I have always felt mental pressures in the back of my mind to do my best to score highly as a result.

This unfortunately provides a large incentive for cheating the system.


Ways to Cheat the System

PoV has already outlined in his post that there has been evidence of cheating within LD, including:

  • A user that created multiple accounts just to give their game 5 star ratings.
  • Games that have more votes than downloads (i.e. people rated¬†them without even playing).
  • Users that voted for many entries in an extremely short period of time (again, indicating fake “throwaway” votes that were made without playing the actual game).

These things are not unique to Ludum Dare.  This post from GameJolt outlines some additional ways in which people have tried to cheat around the rating system in their own game jam.  Remember, these are community game jams without monetary prizes.

  • An individual who hacked into/used¬†multiple Facebook accounts to sign up and make it appear as though different people were rating their¬†game.
  • People giving their own entries many “4-star” ratings to avoid arousing suspicion from giving themselves 5-star ratings.
  • Around 60 entries were found to have cheated by either starting early, or by using disallowed 3rd-party assets.

If I were 100% serious about winning a Ludum Dare compo and was prepared to cheat the system in order to do so, I would probably leverage some or all of the following additional strategies:

  • Enlist one or more artists¬†to draw¬†artwork and animation for the entire game, but still submit it to the compo event.
  • Use tilesets, background animations, and menu systems made completely ahead of time.
  • Subvert the time limit — when submission hour ends, submit a broken link to the game, but keep working for another 48 hours. ¬†When I’m done, upload an incredibly polished game and claim to “fix the broken link”.
  • Create many¬†user accounts using different IP addresses. ¬†Submit¬†random scrappy game projects under those accounts to avoid being flagged as fake accounts. ¬†Using these accounts I could upvote myself, then be on the lookout to downvote other people’s games that seem popular. ¬†Other randomized votes could be applied to avoid easy detection.

Some of these methods would be very difficult, if not impossible, to track using the current LD rating system. ¬†Of course, any of them¬†would constitute blatant cheating and disregard for the rules and as such I would never do any of them. ¬†But the point I’m trying to make is that there is both incentive and capability for cheating here. ¬†In addition, you wouldn’t even have to do very much of it: For Ludum Dare 28, our¬†Jam entry missed hitting 1st place by a mere 0.02 points (4.39 vs 4.41). ¬†As few as THREE fake 5-star ratings would have changed the outcome.

There are a multitude of ways in which the system could possibly be augmented and improved in order to prevent, mitigate, or detect the effects of cheating.  Again, the gamejolt jam post illustrates one example of what this looks like (note that it involves coordinated efforts as well as manual intervention).  However, it is IMHO unrealistic to expect any of these changes to be implemented for the upcoming August LD.**  How this should be dealt with in the future is outside the scope of this post.  I merely wanted to illustrate the potential problems that exist in the current system.


Ratings Can Cause Frustration For Jammers

So far the cheating issues I’ve described perhaps¬†only matter significantly for top-ranking games, where there is a lot of potential recognition and attention on the line. ¬†But for anyone, having your LD game¬†judged on a quantitative — yet extremely subjective — numeric scale can be frustrating in other ways as well. ¬†This post¬†and this post highlight some of these frustrations, including the following:

  • Numerical ratings encourage direct competition with and comparison to other games. ¬†Instead of supporting each other, we can become frustrated when “bad” games score higher than ours and are incentivized to rate other games more harshly.
  • Focusing on quantitative scoring results in a larger emphasis on evaluating a game as great or poor based on a set of numbers¬†rather than providing constructive feedback on what could be improved. ¬†(What’s more important, a few well-written reviews or a single aggregate number?)
  • Some users have¬†complained¬†that taking a straight average of scores means that games with less ratings tend to have better chances at scoring particularly¬†highly due to how variance works.
  • “Celebrity” competitors sometimes*** being able to leverage their past success and popularity to earn higher scores (probably without even meaning to).
  • “Gimmick” entries being voted consistently higher in certain aspects (e.g. rhythm games or audio-centric games¬†regularly¬†voted #1 for Audio).
  • Wide voter preferences for certain stylistic choices (e.g. pixel art, chiptunes).
  • Ratings that just don’t make sense or indicate that users to not understand how to rate games properly (e.g. Games with NO MUSIC OR SOUND¬†receiving audio ratings between 1.5-2 stars).
  • Ratings that are based off of the post-compo version of a game, not the 48 or 72 hour compo version (you can tell by reading their feedback comments).
  • Cheating too easy (as described above in the previous section).

I am NOT trying to say that these factors are pervasive and that our rating system is inherently terrible.  These are just some potential disadvantages that I think people should be aware of and paying attention to.

Personally, I believe that the pros of a rating system can well outweigh the cons if¬†handled properly. ¬†However, I’m also interested and hopeful to see what¬†a Ludum Dare without ratings¬†will be like, if only as a test. ¬†If it fails horrifically, we’ll know to never do it again in the future, but I’m¬†hoping that we can prevent that and instead make this August LD a success by focusing on qualitative feedback and community interaction instead numerical ratings.

This is where you come in.


How You Can Help –¬†Leave Detailed Comment Feedback

One of the main benefits of the categorical rating system is that it can provide you with a detailed breakdown of what areas you did well in and what areas you need to improve on.  This is extremely useful, but could we do the same thing by using comments?

Here’s an example of a comment that I would give in a typical¬†Ludum Dare, alongside 1-5 star ratings for each category:

Cool game, and nice job on your first LD!  I especially liked the animation of the main character. Next time try to add some sounds!

For our August LD, we will not be using the categorical rating system.  Therefore, I will be using the following categorical comment template to provide more detailed feedback:

Innovation: This¬†was not too much different from a standard platformer here, but I didn’t really mind.
Fun: The game was pretty fun at the beginning, but got a bit repetitive, especially the water level which I think involved too many difficult jumps.  Maybe adding another powerup would keep the game interesting all the way through?
Theme: The main character was a goat!  This definitely fits.
Graphics: I really liked the animation of the main character. The background for the fire level was a bit too distracting, though.
Audio: The music was a bit repetitive, but catchy. You should try to make some sound effects next time, with a tool like sfxr, bfxr, or Labchirp — it only takes a few minutes and goes a long way towards making your game feel more complete!
Humor: N/A
Mood: I really liked how each level had a different theme.  I think it worked very well to establish a mood.  As I mentioned, sound effects would really help out here!
Overall: This was honestly one of the better games that I’ve played so far this LD. ¬†It was a little buggy and could definitely still use some work, but I would love to see you work on a post-compo version. ¬†Feel free to leave me a comment on my game’s page if you do!

Congratulations on finishing your first Ludum Dare! ¬†I’d really appreciate it if you could take the time to leave some feedback on my game in return. ¬†You can find it at […].

IMHO, this type of detailed feedback is infinitely more valuable than a simple numeric rating.  I would highly encourage others to provide comment feedback in a similar style.


How You Can Help –¬†Comment Back

Several people have expressed concern about the ability to receive enough feedback and comments on their games due to the lack of ratings and rankings as voting incentives.****

You’ll notice that at the end of my example comment I requested the game’s author to provide me with feedback in return. ¬†This sort of “I’ll rate yours if you rate mine” trade has been a great¬†way to get additional feedback in past LD events, independent of the “coolness” system.

For this Ludum Dare I will be making it a point to return the favor by playing and giving feedback to anyone who leaves feedback for my game.  It would be great if others could do the same.

In addition, we should continue to leverage the compo site itself to help out jammers in need of additional comments. ¬†Don’t have enough feedback? ¬†Post some interesting screenshots of your¬†game and ask for comments. ¬†Not sure what games you should play? ¬†Make a post inviting people to comment with links to their games. ¬†Let’s all help each other out!¬†:)


How You Can Help РCurate Outstanding Entries

Another benefit of the rating system is the ability to select the cream of the crop based on the ratings accumulated through the voting period.  The best of the best should absolutely be selected and called out so that we can all see what truly amazing games can come out of a single weekend.

For the August LD, we won’t have any sorted¬†ranking lists from which to select these entries from. ¬†Therefore, the onus falls on us, the jammers, to informally curate the top entries.

Some LD jammers have already been doing this in the past by posting lists of their favorite entries, or even creating video compilations or twitch streams of notable entries. ¬†This is great, and I would encourage more jammers to start making these sorts of posts, and/or upvoting other posts if you particularly liked a game or two. ¬†I have personally never made a “My personal favorites of LDxx” post on this site before, but I plan to for LD36. ¬†This is your chance to shine the spotlight on whoever you think deserves it most.




I know that this August LD has been on shaky footing and I understand that unfortunately, not everyone will be entirely happy with its outcome.  I really hope that the community can come together and give it their all despite that.  If we put in a little extra effort, we can definitely ensure that Ludum Dare 36 will be a great success.

(It would be awesome¬†if some of these recommendations¬†could be highlighted in a keynote or an announcement if people agree that they are good ideas. ¬†However, I must emphasize that they are only my personal¬†suggestions and again, I am in no position to tell other people how they should or shouldn’t handle LD.)

Thank you so much for reading. ¬†See you all in a month, and I’m looking forward to playing (and commenting on) your entries! ūüėÄ


Addendum: Regarding Other Options for the August Ludum Dare
There are a myriad of ideas and suggestions that have been proposed¬†to change or improve LD’s systems, or different methods in which the upcoming August LD should be run. ¬†Some of these ideas are really interesting, but I don’t think this is the time or place to discuss most of¬†them as compo is already happening next month and it will be difficult to enact any meaningful changes at this point due to extenuating circumstances. ¬†I’m personally happy with any decision regarding this, but chose to focus on the reasoning behind the current state of things as well as the ways in which we can make the most of it.
That said, I would like to specifically address the idea of preserving the categorial 5-star rating and scoring system, but not¬†displaying an actual sorted “top 100” ranking of entries. ¬†This idea seemed great to me at first until I realized that anyone could probably just scrape the LD database and generate the top 100 list themselves. ¬†We already have people who are well-versed in scraping LD stats for this type of information — I don’t think obscuring the sorting order is necessarily the best way of solving this issue.
If we were interested in achieving something similar,¬†I’d be curious to see¬†what LD might be like if your game’s rating was sent to you =privately= (as in, not displayed publicly anywhere), as that avoids¬†some of the issues involved with cheating and competition¬†while still providing¬†a numeric score for your own personal use. ¬†But again, that’s not something that I can say is possible or even advisable.


*I’ve since added rudimentary copy protection to my games to avoid similar incidents.

**If I am proven wrong by a community effort, that’s great! ¬†However, such efforts are not something I am involved in nor are they the topic of this post.

***Yes, not always, I’m aware.

****Although I personally feel the opposite, since I have often left little or no written feedback on a game at all because I felt like my 5-star rating encapsulated my vote.

Now recruiting: the LD#36-rating plan B

Posted by
2 days ago | July 25th, 2016 3:30 am

Now recruiting: the LD#36-rating plan B:


I’m that annoying¬†chap who spams the LD mosaics every single damn LD recently. ¬†Apologies to everyone suffering mosaic fatigue. ¬†I do it, most recently¬†without even linking¬†to my own games, because I am trying hard to make LD into a positive community.

Right now everyone spends a very intense weekend making a game and then they go crash. ¬†Very few actually then play any games, or very many games, and many that do don’t comment. ¬†I do my best to address that and whip up some kind of community…

Now I’m¬†a vocal non-pov-believer re the impossibility of ratings this LD and re¬†need for a new website and everything else, but if we can’t have a normal LD#36 like the 35 LDs we’ve had before, then we will¬†just have to innovate around him.. :(

My big fear is that LD#36 will be a bit of a flop, and the momentum of LD will flounder, and we’ll all be poorer for it.


For LD#30 (Connected Worlds) I made a gamification of Ludum Dare commenting. ¬†The idea was actually to spend the time I’d been allowed to enter LD on making a better game-finding interface for LD. ¬†I think the community appreciated it a bit; LDers¬†really enjoyed finding entries by players near them or far from them, and getting a sense of the size and globality of the LD base. ¬†And it was by far my best ever entry: it¬†won silver in innovation and 4th for theme, yah! ūüėÄ

A script running on a server scraped the LD entries for comments and exposed a hastily illustrated map as you commented on games.

The entry was rushed, and needs polish if we can use it as an interface for promoting the “comments only” rating system this LD#36. ¬†I need your help in the coming weeks:

Now recruiting: the LD#36-rating plan B:


  • Artists, to make a gorgeous high-res map.
  • Artists, to make a much prettier interface.
  • Programmers, to improve the scrolling, zooming and revealing.
  • Programmers, to add features such as solutions for when several players have the same or very close locations on the map, filters by game type, and marking when a game has been played or viewed.

(Because its not running on the LD site itself it can’t have a seamless login and it can’t auto-update every time someone actually comments :( ¬†We can’t have everything but we can try and get damn close!)

Please volunteer in the comments below:

Vancouver Game Jammers Part 2!

Posted by (twitter: @Haite)
4 days ago | July 23rd, 2016 11:51 am

Hi guys!! I am planning to make a Facebook Page to organize the meetings here in Vancouver, what you guys think?

Also, I am going to Full Indie MeetUp in this Wednesday so we can discuss our ideas for our “official” meeting there!
Please, if you like it, heart this and comment to me have an idea of how many people are interested!
See ya! ūüėÄ

Turned my Ludum Dare game into full game launched on Steam! :)

Posted by (twitter: @BPOutlaws)
4 days ago | July 23rd, 2016 10:54 am

Hey everyone! If you played my dragon game back in Ludum Dare 33:

I kept working on it and turned it into a full game, and just launched it on Steam! Figured it could be good inspiration for people participating in LDJAMs to keep working on their entry if they come up with a cool mechanic/idea…who knows, you might be able to to turn it into a full game!

Here’s the trailer:

Grab it on Steam here:

My next game is ALSO going to be based of my LDJAM entry from Ludum Dare 35:

Hope this inspires some people to take their games beyond their Game Jam entries if they think they’ve stumbled across something fun! With a few more months of work you might be able to turn it into an awesome game you might be able to pay your rent with! ūüėČ

Follow me on Twitter at @BPOutlaws, I use it as a devBlog lol

– Jeff

MiniLD Game TestFlight

Posted by
5 days ago | July 22nd, 2016 7:33 pm

I’ve been working on a new game since RWDevCon 2016 called “To Russia With Love”, but might be change the name to “Arms Race”. ¬†It is a colonization game which goes along with the theme, but since I’ve been working on it for months, I won’t be entering it. ¬†I just wanted to get some followers on it’s twitter and instagram account, since it will be going into TestFlight Beta soon. ¬†Thanks to all who follow!

Are we really sure to give up on the ranking system for this LD?

Posted by
5 days ago | July 22nd, 2016 4:31 pm

I know there’s been a poll but I don’t think we fully discussed it outside the context of “Let’s make PoV happy/give him a break”.

After all, WE ARE doing a Ludum Dare and it’s also WITHOUT his participation. We are the ones who are going to deal with PoV’s choices and making LD on our own. (nothing mean spirited)

There IS to consider, there IS the old ranking system, there ARE options.

Yes I know we already voted this thing Рbut perhaps we rushed on the decision?

* The importance of the voting system *

I mean – what has driven LD and it’s amazing feedback? We are being naive if we think that the voting system has no value here. It’s the voting system that complements the social perception of what is an entry in Ludum Dare, how good is it, and in turn – giving attention to those who stand out. Isn’t it a huge part of this? Why do people even bother to give feedback? Yes, some people are nice and give comments but honestly the rankings are a promising part of the incentive to do so.

The coolness system, the ranking comitment – you have to rank to get ranked, and rank about 20 for the ranking to be vast and informative enough to calculate the final rating of each entry as a “fair” feedback. You have the responsibility and personal interest to do so.

Yes, your prize is your product, but without feedback doing it together as a part of a jam is almost meaningless.

I mean, do it in your free time. It’s the same – you still have your product. There’s no particular reason for doing it while tons of others are doing it as well. It’s actually pretty inconvenient.

I mean – I hear that the system isn’t really working well, and that the new site should be the representitive of Ludum Dare and so on… but if so far people didn’t notice. Perhaps, it wouldn’t be that bad to have it just¬†once more working.

So once again – are we sure we want to make this Ludum Dare without the rankings?

Must we really prevent the use of it in all costs?

(I believe there IS time to change this!)

Knoxville Game Design panel at Codestock

Posted by (twitter: @GaTechGrad)
7 days ago | July 20th, 2016 5:50 pm

Members of Knoxville Game Design hosted a panel at the Codestock technical convention last weekend, where we shared our knowledge and experiences with game jams, with a focus on Ludum Dare.  The recorded session is available to view in the video below.

Panelists from left to right: Mike, Levi, Dylan, Jacob, Jeffry.

For more information on Knoxville Game Design, please visit

[cache: using cached page]